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3 Disappearing Jobs of The Future

3 Disappearing Jobs of The Future

While the future is fascinating and holds a lot of promising opportunities and technological advancements, it may not work out in favor of many industries. According to a study conducted at Oxford a few years ago, 47 percent of the current jobs will cease to exist in the next few decades due to complete or partial automation.

Here are a few jobs that we personally feel have no future. 

Printing and Publishing

Jobs in printing and publishing are already disappearing with the growing popularity of e-books and internet articles. Many individuals prefer to stay updated with everything online. Every stories in newspapers delivered at dawn have already been read and dissected thoroughly on the internet the night before.

Even a well-established name such as Forbes is on the brink of a collapse, despite making a significant shift into digital media. Sadly, this shift is pointless for many magazines and newspapers; they don’t stand a chance either way because very few readers will pay for content that is freely available on the internet. So, if you’re working in print media—hop off the ship now before it drowns and takes you with it.


You probably haven't realized this, but you've been receiving fewer calls from people trying to sell you things than you did, say, five years before. According to the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 16.6 percent of jobs will be lost in this occupation by 2028.

If you’re a telemarketer, you already know who you have to thank for this—Mark Zuckerberg, of course! And for the rest of you—an entire industry is doomed because of targeted ads on social media, thanks to the digital footprints you left all over the internet! Your random scrolling has made telemarketers obsolete.

Stock Trading

If you were inspired by the likes of Jordan Belfort and movies like the Wolf of Wall Street, we have some bad news. You're no longer competing with humans, you're up against Bots, and the odds are not in your favor, literally.

Here's how they're beating you at your own game; whenever there's a particular stock that you want to buy, you go to your preferred trading platform or dashboard, enter the required information, and hit buy. But before the signal even reaches the servers to get your order approved, the BOTs recognize your move and buy that particular stock, trade it amongst themselves, and sell it back to you at a much higher price.

Complete automation and artificial intelligence are no longer just fictional themes of a screenplay. AI and automation are our future and the sooner we realize this, the less it’ll seem like the dystopia popularly featured in most AI-related movies.

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