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3 Healthy Habits to Incorporate When Working from Home

3 Healthy Habits to Incorporate When Working from Home

Let's be honest, in the very beginning of this pandemic, most of us loved working from home; in fact, some of us still do. Because between pajamas and the endless snacking, there wasn’t much room for hate in this lovely (read lazy) routine.

But after almost a year of staying home, it’s clear to most of us that this sloppy routine isn't going to get us too far when it comes to our health and wellbeing. In fact, experts have deduced that 69% of employees have started experiencing major burn out symptoms while working from home.

To make sure you’re not one of them, here are few tips to keep you healthy and productive.

Create A Schedule and Stick to It

If you try to create a schedule too similar to what you use to follow in a physical workplace, it's not going to work. Because let's be real, your brain and body know that you're at home; they will be sluggish, so you have to work your schedule around that.

You could try starting earlier than you used to—this will allow you to take more guilt-free breaks. Also, get out of the pajamas. You don't have to dress all fancy, but you need to shower, wear some actual clothes and have a healthy breakfast before starting your day.

Additionally, try to keep your schedule as focused as before. If grocery runs and cooking were weekend chores, they must remain so.

Draw Boundaries

Boundaries are crucial when it comes to work and personal life. Previously, we could easily leave work at the door, but now it’s way past the door. But that doesn’t mean it has to make its way to our dining tables or every fiber of our existence.

Create boundaries where you feel uncomfortable physically and mentally. This could mean no more work calls after a particular hour or completely switching off your work cell for the night.

There are also boundaries that your family and pets may need to observe. Just because you're at home doesn't mean that you're available. Make this clear to them. Reinforce regularly if you need to. 

Additionally, don't be too hard on yourself. Working from home is challenging no matter how many boundaries you draw. It's imperative to discuss what realistic deadlines look like when working from home with your employer.

Have A Dedicated Workspace

Your bed, the kitchen counter, and the living room are all bad choices. You need to have a proper workstation to help you be more productive. While this space should obviously be comfortable, it can’t be too comfortable and drive you into a slumber—hence, no beds.

But your workstation needs to be well-equipped with anything you may need—charging sockets, stationery, and anything that aids productivity. For instance, sunlight. Getting some sun exposure while working can boost your serotonin levels and help you feel more focused.

Additionally, make sure your workstation is located far from distractions. These could be your kids, pets, the TV, or street noise.

Working from is clearly not the party we all envisioned initially. But we're all in this together. If your current job is getting to, you can try finding new jobs online using some of the best online job search engines like ours. Post your resume today to get started.