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3 Psychological Tricks To Do Better At Your Interviews

3 Psychological Tricks To Do Better At Your Interviews

They may have seemed larger than life in the interview, but interviewers are just like us. They are susceptible and vulnerable to the same cognitive biases and psychological preferences, and often rely on intuition.

Simple changes in the way you behave, speak, hold your posture, and make eye contact can make you appear much more competent, hirable, and likable to them.

That means that there are all kinds of psychological tricks you can employ to impress them.

Here are some of them:

Schedule Your Interview Strategically

The time and day of your interview can determine how your interviewer rates you. As a general rule of thumb, arrange the meeting at a time that’s convenient for the interviewer, and not a time that works for you.

If the hiring manager is giving you the flexibility to choose a slot, ask them if you can come in at 10:30 AM on a Tuesday. The reason for picking this time and day is that it’s not too late or early in the week.

If you ask to come in at 9 AM, the interviewer might still be preoccupied with early morning tasks. Moreover, if you ask to be interviewed at 4:30 PM, the interviewer could have possibly already met a stronger candidate, and will judge you based on how everyone else performed that day.

You might be that strong candidate, but why take that risk?

Address The Recruiter By Their Name

When you remember someone’s name and address them with it throughout the conversation, they’ll instantly warm up to you—and this applies to your interviewer as well. After the initial round of introductions, you can pick up on their name and say, “I’m glad I got this opportunity to meet your Mr./Mrs. ______________.”

Launching into the conversation by using their name will instantly establish your rapport and your sincerity and discipline. You can use their name a few times during the interview and also during the end.

Mimic The Hiring Manager’s Mannerisms

It’s very easy to pick up on your interviewer’s mannerisms and body postures if you observe them a little closer. You can mimic their tone, vocal pitch, body language, and attitude. By picking up on their behavior, you can establish similarities that will establish a bond.


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