3 Qualities of a Successful Digital Banker

3 Qualities of a Successful Digital Banker

According to Business Insider, 89% of US banking customers use digital/mobile banking. Over 70% of these users consider mobile banking as their primary way of managing their accounts and finances. Most banks and credit unions are now embracing these trends, but the shift from brick and mortar banking to digital is not easy.  

The banking industry moves at a slow pace; even a small innovation takes time to develop. Despite this, the biggest Fintech firms and corporate banks are growing at lightning speedwhy? Because they’re adopting digital transformation!

If you're considering a career in the digital banking sector, you need some unique qualities and knowledge of the industry's ins and outs.

1. Stay Up-to-Date With New Technologies

As a digital banker, you need to keep up with new industry trends and how financial institutions deploy technologies to maximize output and boost the customer experience.

Brush up on your knowledge of API platforms, blockchain processes, quantum computing, automated finance management and analysis, and impeccable cloud systems!

2. Understand the Power of AI

Modern and digital banking players are employing augmented reality to their advantage. As Daniela Fernandez of the Wall Street Journal stated,

“AI’s ability to drive significant performance enhancements rests in conjunction with people, not in place of them. Much of AI’s highest return will require adding jobs.”

You need to be surrounded by technology and improvement cycles, just like Tony Stark's Ironman suit. Understanding the rapidly developing, fast-changing landscape of consumer and commercial banking practices will help you drive the future of the industry.

3. Don’t Embrace Failure

Failure sucks, and that’s the truth. But it's also true that "making a mistake is not a problem, but repeating it is." Whenever you see a business consultant suggesting that banks need to embrace failure to be successful, don't fall for it.

The banking sector needs agile, talented, and motivated individuals who can add value and operationalize seamless digital banking practices within and outside banks—this is what Angela Duckworth calls grit. So don’t fear challenges if you want to become a successful digital banker!

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