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3 Reasons to Invest In a Better Workplace Design

3 Reasons to Invest In a Better Workplace Design

Have you noticed a lack of employee engagement or are you struggling to recruit the best talent? Even if your company offers competitive salaries, generous benefit packages and fun a culture; a poorly designed workplace can significantly affect employee productivity, retention and recruitment.

So here are some reasons why your workplace needs to be well-designed and appealing to current and prospective employees.

Workplace Design Attracts Talented Candidates

The unemployment rate is at 3.9%, the lowest it has been in the last two decades. This means jobseekers have opportunities available to choose from. As they have an upper hand, candidates are not only looking at company culture, compensation and benefit packages, but they’re also looking at the workplace design.

According to a survey conducted by Gensler, employees want a well-designed workplace where they can both collaborate and focus.

When candidates visit your office during a job interview, they want to see a workplace with an appealing design that makes them feel inspired.

Workplace Design affects Productivity

Workplace design significantly impacts the way workers focus on work that requires concentration and the way they collaborate with each other. A well-designed workplace allows employees to do both.
Many companies are now using Activity-Based Working (ABW). This ensures that dedicated areas are available for collaborative projects, quiet work and learning. They include phone booths for concentration and individual work, small spaces for one-one-one conversations, breakout rooms for collaboration and couches and beanbags for relaxation.

Including a variety of spaces in an office is perfect for both extroverts who like socializing and working with others, and introverts who prefer working alone. When you invest in the workplace, it shows that you care about accommodating the needs of all kinds of employees.

Workplace Design Retains Employees

According to a survey conducted by Gallup, only 33% of employees feel engaged, the rest of them just show up and collect their paychecks. One way to address this lack of engagement is to design the workplace in a manner that gets employees excited to show up every day.

A bestselling author, Jacob Morgan states that if employees are continuously working in a windowless cubicle under bright, glaring fluorescent lights, their productivity decreases significantly and they soon become disengaged.

If your employees look forward to coming into work every day and feel comfortable in the office environment, they are more likely to stay and not switch jobs.

If you want your workplace to spark brilliant ideas, engage employees and inspire them to do their best work, you should invest in a well-designed workplace that stands out.

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