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3 Things Every Job Seeker Must Know Before Starting Their Search

3 Things Every Job Seeker Must Know Before Starting Their Search

As a fresh graduate, it’s not easy to find a job. Almost every job you come across is going to ask for experience, and how is a fresh graduate supposed to get any experience if nobody’s going to hire them for lack of experience? It’s a ruthless cycle.

And for those who’ve graduated during the pandemic, it’s a whole different ball game—our deep sympathies to you.

We've been there, and we know how helpless this situation can start to feel. So, here are a few tips that might help you land a job that you actually like.

Know Your Industry  

This is something that will always remain true, pandemic or no pandemic. Before you start your job search, you have to know and understand your industry. This means knowing the top companies, the leaders in these industries, and even individuals from your social circles and family who work in these industries.

Additionally, you need to know what the job market is like for that particular industry. It will really help you gain perspective and understand your chances of landing a job in the company you prefer.

It would also help to research more in-depth and see what the future looks like for the industry you're hoping to find a job in. Is it a growing industry or a disappearing one? And if it's the latter, then maybe you need to make some major changes to your job search.

Know the Importance of Networking

You’d be surprised to know that as a fresh graduate, the most crucial tool in your job search is not your degree or your skillset but your network. Obviously, your degree isn't completely worthless. The degree and your skill set are what will eventually help you at your job, but it's your network that's going to play a huge part in getting you an interview at your preferred company.

According to Forbes, referrals remain the leading source of candidates for 88 percent of employers who're hiring. Start from your inner circle—family, alumni that you’re friends with, friends and their friends—find out who’s working at the positions you’re interested in. Start a conversation, find out where and how they started.

Make use of professional job posting sites like Jobslog and professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Build Your Online Presence Professionally

Given the fact that most of our lives, personal and professional, have shifted into the virtual realm, it's crucial to build your presence online. Make sure you have a very updated profile on professional job posting sites. This is to ensure that you’re marketing yourself well to the employers.

Even your professional profiles should be able to showcase your personality through the photo and the bio or the ‘about me’ section. Also, make your profile more engaging by uploading samples of your work and highlight the achievements and skills that outline why you’re ideal for the jobs you’re applying to.

If you think you’re ready to start your search now, head to the best online job search engines like Jobslog. Register and post your resume today to get started!