3 Ways to Reduce Stress While Working from Home

3 Ways to Reduce Stress While Working from Home

To be completely candid, at the beginning of this pandemic, we all loved the idea of working from home. It sure had its perks—being in your pajamas all day or binging on snacks. But as the months unfolded, this sloppy routine started getting to us.

Slowly but surely, the drawbacks of working from home started dawning upon us. Like the feeling of constantly being at work or the distractions—and it turned out you're not as well-disciplined as you thought!

According to experts, around 69% of employees who are working from home are experiencing major burnout symptoms. This is also because of the nature of the pandemic itself. People have had to make various adjustments such as homeschooling, altered grocery runs because of social distancing, and so on. And all of this adds up to a great deal of stress contributing towards total burnout.

We’re in the same boat and here are a few things that have helped us.

Drawing Lines

Remember the old saying, "leave your work at the door?" Well, that’s not applicable anymore since the work is way past the door. But boundaries are important and can still be drawn.

Most organizations understand the importance of mental health. If your working hours interfere with your mental peace, then it's time to call a spade a spade. Talk to your manager and let them know that you cannot be answering calls after a certain hour.

Be candid with your employer and discuss how realistic deadlines should now look different when working from home.

Maintain A Schedule

Don’t let yourself go completely. Try to maintain your lifestyle the way it was before the pandemic. Now, we’re not suggesting you violate social distancing protocols; stay home. But get yourself out of bed and out of those pajamas.

This is a great practice for kids too. Wake up on time, dress up, have breakfast and then sit down to work. If you used to cook for the entire week on the weekends before, continue doing that. This will result in lower stress levels and higher productivity.

Make sure to take your breaks the same way you did at your physical workplace. Spending those breaks with your family is the perk you get to enjoy.  


Just because you're at home doesn't mean you have to play the superman/woman. Let non-urgent things go. Focus on getting the important things done. Undue pressure on yourself to do everything in a single sitting will make for a very hectic and long day.

When you're at your office, you start getting things done because you need to go home. At home, you keep dragging for the sake of perfection, resulting in never-ending working hours. This needs to stop. Plan your day and personal deadlines each morning; focus on getting things done.

Working from home has never been tougher and if you’re one of us, know that we’re all going down in history together as warriors. But if your current job is feeling like too much, use online job search engines like ours to look for new jobs. You can post your resume here.