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3 Ways To Run A Pre-Employment Background Check

3 Ways To Run A Pre-Employment Background Check

Background checks and the hiring process in the United States go hand-in-hand. Employers are unanimous when it comes to their stance of running a background check on potential employees. The national survey done by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners found that all organizations run background screenings on their employees before hiring them. So, how exactly is a background check run?

Our experts are here to guide employers on the best ways to run employment checks on candidates:

Public records

The first place to look when it comes to background screening of a potential employee is public records. Records from the local police, county and state can help you find any concerning information about the candidate.

The county courthouse can get you information on their marriages, arrests, property ownership, and even divorce. The local police reports will provide information about their criminal background, including information about area sex offenders. The police department you’re in contact with can also communicate with other states and areas to confirm if there has been any criminal activity by the potential candidate. You can opt to pay a nominal fee to obtain this information online as well.


Running a background check is a time-consuming procedure, which not all organizations have the time nor expertise for. Since the procedure is quite extensive, it’s best to employ the services of professionals. There are many background screening services as well as websites that can do the work for you. They charge a fee for running background checks per employee, but it’s a one-stop solution. You can get information from a range of sources with such services. Make sure the service you sign up for is also FRCA compliant.

Social media presence and online searches


Around 247 million individuals in the United States are social media users. With social media taking over our world, employers have begun using this as a tool to run background checks on potential employees. Organizations often go through the posts that are written and shared by candidates to ensure they don’t support extremist views and are politically correct. A survey revealed that a third of the candidates that applied for jobs were turned down just because of offensive social media posts.

Other than social media, a simple Google search of the candidate’s name can help you find all the information posted online about them. This will list any news they have been featured in, educational records, and much more.

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