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4 Advanced Degrees That Can Advance Your Global Development Career

4 Advanced Degrees That Can Advance Your Global Development Career

An advanced degree is the next step in a global development professional’s academic journey. An overwhelming majority of mid to senior-level positions in global development prefer, or even require, an advanced degree.

A career in global development is beyond fulfilling—the fight for human rights, solving water crises, and brokering regional peace are all extremely important tasks.

The immediacy and current nature of these trends, patterns, and systems make it necessary to have a body of integral knowledge that can help professionals solve problems urgently.


An undergraduate degree might set the tone and foundation for your career, but an advanced degree will narrow down your interests and expertise. The following are some advanced degrees that can further your global development career:

Public Policy Or Public Administration

An advanced degree in public policy or public administration is often a popular choice among global development professionals.

These two degrees give you the tools you need to manage public institutions, understand their dynamics, and devise policies that could impact funding and aid efforts.

Business Administration

While most people opt for a degree in Business Administration because they want to pursue an entrepreneurial venture or become the next big corporate leader, this degree can also help you understand the workings of global peacemaking bodies like the UN.

Organizations in the global development sector are enthusiastic about bringing business sector learnings in. It helps them to understand the world through a corporate lens.

Public Health

While clinical degrees like social work and nursing help further your cause, most positions in global health don’t require clinic work.

These jobs are focused on community building that strives to make changes at a national and global level. They work on policies surrounding nutrition, infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, and maternal and child health.

An advanced degree in public health will include the study of health policy, epidemiology, biostatistics, and social and behavioral science.


Education is the primary foundation of global development work. Professionals around the world are fighting for quality education for underprivileged kids. They are also fighting for gender equality in schools, so more girls can acquire education globally.

An advanced degree in education gives you the tools you need to devise policies and curriculum that impart quality education. You also gain skills that enable you to work on awareness programs targeting the parents of these kids.


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