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4 College Degrees That Are Worth the Money

4 College Degrees That Are Worth the Money

A college student must make various decisions for their future. From deciding on their school of choice to choosing the right major, the process can be daunting and extremely stressful.

There are many college degrees which yield good salaries for graduates. However, there are some that stand out due to their remarkable figures. PayScale launched its College Salary Report, which lists down the highest-paying degrees.

Here are some college degrees that are worth the costs of tuitions and other expenses:

Top 5 College Degrees Worth the Money

1. Petroleum Engineering

The average salary with limited experience for this program is a whopping $94,500 whereas a decade’s experience can easily help you make $176,900! This degree focuses on engineering, geology, and thermodynamics.

2. Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Electrical engineering and computer science students with  a decade’s experience may be able to get $142,200. These degrees focus on mathematic analyses, systems programming, computer engineering, and algorithm design and analysis. The classes comprise of labs and lectures.

3. Applied Economics and Management

The starting salary for students with majors in applied economics and management is $58,900, and with ten years’ experience, you could be making $14000! This degree offers management education with the option to specialize in accounting, entrepreneurship, international trade and development, fiscal policy analysis, industry management, etc.

4. Political Economy

Fresh out of college students can make up to $57,600 with a degree in political economy; while more experienced workers may manage to make $136,200. A degree in political economy enables you to understand the influence of political institutions, environment and economy on each other by drawing upon the law, economics, sociology and political science schools of thought.

5. Actuarial Mathematics

College graduates can easily make $63,300, while with a few years of experience, they can bag up to $135,100. This degree helps you quantify risk using the paradigms of mathematics, probability, and statistics. You can develop a career as a risk analyst, data scientist or auditor.

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