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4 Competencies Every Recruiter Looks For

4 Competencies Every Recruiter Looks For

Every recruiter looks for certain qualities/capabilities in a candidate. However, the strategy to assess a potential incumbent is shifting from qualities to competencies.

Competencies are personality traits that a candidate develops from past experiences. Recruiters test competencies through competency-based questions that help them identify certain behavioral patterns.

These kinds of interviewers expect you to provide examples and share stories from real-life experience. When companies start asking you these questions, you should assume that you are being tested for one, or more, of these competencies:


For teams to work well together, and provide desirous outcomes, each member needs to be a team player. Even if a candidate has worked remotely, or is a freelancer, they still need to be efficient with communicating their idea, incorporating other’s opinions and seeing the bigger picture of each action taken.

Those who work well in teams are more empathetic and have the ability to realize that each member’s contribution is valuable.  


The willingness and the ability to take on responsibility is crucial for most jobs. Recruiters look for candidates who are comfortable with taking the onus and making decisions. They want go-getters.

They will expect candidates to narrate a story where they have handled responsibilities that were out of their comfort zones. This is a good platform for candidates to showcase their problem-solving skills.


Possessing competent leadership skills is valuable for employers because it shows that you can motivate, coordinate and lead a team.

Candidates with past experiences of leadership often possess skills like working under stress, decision-making and often know how to empathize with their colleagues.

Being a leader also involves delegating and setting deadlines. In a competency-based interview, you will be assessed on how you built relationships and resolved conflict when in a leadership position.


If a candidate is result-oriented, they focus on goals and develop an action plan to achieve those goals. They’re motivated enough to take the project to completion and motivate other team members to do the same.

If a candidate is result-oriented, they know how to set goals with clearly-defined, achievable steps.

Answering questions during a competency-based interview can be tricky. Candidates need to remember to pick the right scenario for the right question. This too tests your decision-making skills.

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