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5 Fun Part-Time Jobs During Christmas Season

5 Fun Part-Time Jobs During Christmas Season

Have you noticed how the world looks different during Christmas Season? Everything appears more festive; the streets look busier, the shops seem more crowded. Naturally, people are working tirelessly to make this all happen. And you can be one of them!


Part-time Christmas gigs are not only excellent opportunities to be part of the festive hustle-bustle and give back to society, but they’re also a great way to make some quick bucks.


Here are a few jobs you can check out.

Be Santa Or a Christmas Elf

If you love Christmas and the lively vibes it brings, there's no better job for you than being Santa Claus or one of his magical elves. All you need is a great attitude, and a whole lot of good cheer—and a belly would be a plus point!


And contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to be super old. A good wardrobe and a contagious laugh should be enough to make you look like the perfect Santa.


There are tons of hiring opportunities for Santa Claus and his team of helpers during the Christmas Season. You can easily find work in shopping malls, community festivals, corporate events, and even private house parties.


Just make sure to stay in character all the time. While it may just be a part-time job for you, it does bring a great deal of responsibility with it. Santa is known for a pristine reputation, and when you put on that suit, you’re expected to act the part.

Get Creative

The holidays bring parties with them, and parties mean work. If you have a good aesthetic, put your creative skills to the test. You can become a seasonal party planner and arrange the most festive celebrations for homes, offices or hotels. See to the décor, catering and whatever else your hosts may require.


Alternatively, if you’ve ever tried photography and have a knack for editing photos, get hired as a photographer for Christmas parties. You can also take Christmas photos for Christmas/Season’s Greetings cards and design chic cards for your seasonal clients.

Work in Retail

Holiday sales can get very chaotic, which is why stores and businesses hire extra staff temporarily during this season. You're sure to find a job as a salesperson, cashier, or a gift-wrapper for most retail stores at the mall.


Additionally, bakeries tend to get very busy with all the extra orders for Christmas cakes and cookies during this season. So, if you've ever loved baking, it's time to bring your baking skills to good use.

Personal Shopper

Christmas shopping can be a tedious task for people who don't particularly enjoy shopping, which is where you come in. Get hired as a personal shopper and help people complete the items on their Christmas lists while they stay at home.


You can take your services a notch further by helping them wrap their gifts. Gift-wrapping needs skill and creativity; if you think you've got it in you, offer your services—clumsy clients like us are sure to approach you.


Do you love animals but don't usually get the chance to spend time with any? Become a seasonal pet-sitter! While most pet-sitters typically work all year round, the holiday season has business booming. Many people choose to travel during this time of the year, and since many flights and hotels aren't pet-friendly, pets are left behind.


Take care of some furry friends and get paid handsome bucks while you’re at it!


Good luck with finding a great part-time gig. If you're having difficulty finding something worth your time, try online job search engines like ours, you can also find some great long-term work opportunities here. Post your resume today!


Happy Holidays!