5 Job Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates

5 Job Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates

While you might be a smarty-pants when it comes to writing python codes, doing lab reports, or drafting a full-fledged thesis, it doesn’t mean anything when it comes to selecting the right job from incalculable numbers of job listings (in December 2020, there were 6.65 million job openings in the US!).

Today, the majority of graduates lack the basic know-how about navigating the job market and packaging themselves as ideal candidates—even when their qualifications perfectly align with the job requirements.

Heed the helpful tips below and save yourself from the pain that comes with job hunting.

1. Focus on your strengths

During a job hunt, pretending to be good at something when you’re not is neither good nor advisable. While you may eventually end up getting the role, if you really misrepresent your skillset to get it, you wouldn’t like working in that position for more than a few months. Plus, you might be assigned tasks that you simply can’t do. This will reflect negatively on your performance.

2. Read about the company

Before submitting your application, research what the company does. This way, you’ll know whether the company is worth your time or not. This will also help you prepare for the interview. If you’ve got your research on point, you’ll be able to confidently answer whatever the interviewers throw at you!

3. Customize your resume to fit the job

If there’s one thing that doesn’t appeal to the recruiters, it’s a generic resume accompanied by a generic cover letter. Both of these documents must be to the point and brief. They should highlight why you’re a perfect match for the position.

When a company posts a job hiring, it can quickly get swamped with responses. Your direct, clear application within scores of resumes will be greatly appreciated by the recruitment manager.

4. Don’t accept salary offers without some basic market research

While your desperation in landing your first job is understandable, it should never cause you to accept below-the-market pay. Your starting pay will define what future employers will offer you. Don’t shy away from asking for a little time to consider the offer, and spend that time researching what companies are paying for the role you’ve been selected.

But how? Simple. Ask around, search online, or visit company review sites. They’ll give you more than just an idea.

5. Actively search for job postings

The job market is quite competitive today. Therefore, you’ll be better off looking for jobs in places that aren’t very famous.

Don’t just depend on recruiters, but search for vacancies on professional job posting sites.

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