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5 Reasons to Run a Pre-Employment Background Check

5 Reasons to Run a Pre-Employment Background Check

Background checks are essential tools in making sure you hire the right candidate. A background check is an investigation into the applicant’s background to ensure that employers gain a more holistic insight into who the applicant is as a person. It is only after considering all aspects that employers can come to a well-informed decision.

Background checks usually consist of looking up criminal records, employment history, and work authorization.

Below are some reasons why it’s crucial you run a background check before hiring an employee.

1. Get a Better Picture of the Candidate

This is the foremost reason that companies run background checks before offering the position to a candidate. How honest a candidate has been during the recruitment process can be cross-checked.

An employer will have sufficient reason to disqualify a candidate if fabrication of some sort has been found. This shows the applicant has unreliable and, thus, unfit for the workplace. Finding out discrepancies much later on will not only reflect poorly on the recruitment team of your company, but will also cost you time and resources to replace the employee. Hence, it is better to know the employee fully before offering a position.

2. Safety First

Conducting background searches also highlight any criminal records and ensure you do not jeopardize the safety of the workplace and your customers. In the case of BMW, the company found 69 of its employees did not pass the criminal check, during a re-application process. One-third of the adult working-age population in the U.S. has a criminal record.

In case an employee with a criminal history ends up harassing co-workers or customers, the firm will be held liable. To avoid situations like this, firms are advised to conduct thorough background checks.

Moreover, it reduces chances of theft in the workplace. Business theft is usually done by insiders.

3. Double Checking Education and Certifications

Background checks eliminate risks in more ways than one. You can make sure your prospective employee is as competent as they seem on their resume.

Call and get in touch with institutes they claim to have attended to make sure they have the appropriate know-how to work.


4. Get In Touch With Previous Employers

A sure fire way to get to know the prospective employee is through reaching out to their previous employer. You are able to see more dimensions of your candidate other than who they are on paper. Talking to the previous employers, you may find it beneficial to inquire about their work ethics, and why they are leaving their place of work.

Furthermore, get an idea of their interpersonal skills with co-workers. This way, you can gauge whether they can adapt to your corporate culture.

5. Checking Their Social Media Profiles

If your candidate has never held a job before, you might find it useful to go over their social media accounts to better understand the kind of person they are, and their social circles.

You may be able to see whether they are well-suited to the kind of culture that is present in your company. As with reaching out to their employers, this will give you insight into who they are outside of work.

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