5 Skills You Need to Land A Job As A Front End Developer

5 Skills You Need to Land A Job As A Front End Developer

Working in the growing tech industry has its perks—a higher paycheck, flexible schedules, and creative nature are some of the attractions of a front-end developer's role.

If you're passionate about coding websites, are tech-savvy and want to build a career in the booming tech world, here are some must-have skills that'll help you grab the hiring manager's attention:

Knowledge of HTML and CSS

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are coding languages used to make web pages. A front-end developer's primary task is to create websites using designs that work.

Hence, having sufficient knowledge of HTML and CSS for securing an excellent job in the tech world is equal to knowing the alphabet for taking up a job as an English teacher.

Use of JavaScript

While HTML and CSS are languages that make up the web page's presentation, JavaScript is a tool that's used to determine the function of the website. Without JavaScript, you can have a good-looking website, but it would be practically useless.

If you want your creation to be interactive (have scrolling abilities, audio, and visuals), you'll have to master the techniques to use JavaScript.

Implementation of version control

Imagine you're halfway through building your website when a bug attacks your project, and you lose the developments. Won't you be frustrated if you had to start from the beginning? Fortunately, version control and git were made to save the day.

If you have sufficient knowledge of version control implementation, you can track and control changes made to your project without losing major work progressions. This will help you figure out what went wrong with the webpage and save precious time and energy.

Understanding responsive design

In today's world, people visit websites through various devices, including laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. This seemingly impossible function was made possible with the effective use of responsive design.

During the job interview, your thorough understanding of responsive design can fuel engaging conversations with hiring managers. Remember, interviewers love passionate individuals. Your thirst for knowledge regarding tech topics can strike great conversations with potential employers.

Soft skills including communication and teamwork ability

There's no doubt that tech organizations want employees who are smart and emotionally mature. But they also want people with good personalities. If you're a team player, easy to communicate with, and have a pleasant personality, your chances of being hired significantly increase.

Hence, to land a job as a front-end developer, you'll need to focus on soft skills, including effective written and verbal communication, and teamwork.

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