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5 Ways to Show Skills on a Resume without Experience

5 Ways to Show Skills on a Resume without Experience

For new graduates and working professionals who decide to change careers, the toughest aspect of securing a new job is to prove that even though they lack experience, they still have the necessary skills to perform well.

Hiring managers spend about 6 seconds scanning every resume – that’s all the time you have to grab their attention. Without experience, getting the recruiter’s attention becomes incredibly difficult.

Corporate job vacancies draw around 250 resumes on average. Out of hundreds of resumes, only a handful of applicants are called for interviews.

So how does someone with limited experience show that they have the skills to perform at a job?

Let’s take a look:

1. List Your Transferrable Skills

Take a good look at the skills you’ve acquired from your time in college or the odd jobs and internships you’ve done in the past. Are any of these skills relevant to the position you’re applying to?

If yes, list them and explain them briefly on the resume. It will let the hiring manager know that you understand the position and have prepared accordingly.

2. Prove Yourself a Great Learner

Not having enough experience won’t be much of a problem if you prove to the recruiter that you’re capable of learning. We’re not born with skills, they need to be learned and perfected over time.

Show your recruiter that you have a passion for the job and a genuine desire to learn and perform well.

You can do this by listing any short courses you may have taken as well as training and certifications.

3. Complete an Unpaid Internship


The easiest way for fresh graduates to gain experience is to do a few internships. It makes sense financially for companies to hire interns instead of full-time employees.

Companies are more willing to take chances with interns. Internships at startups and small businesses offer a lot to learn and make valuable experiences.

4. Put in the Extra Effort

Good things in life don’t come easy – the same applies to your dream job. If the lack of experience is an obstacle, you need to overcome it with extra effort.

For example, if representatives of the company are speaking at an event, visit it and mention it in an email with your resume attached.

5. Get Creative

No employer likes one-dimensional candidates. Simply sitting behind a desk and getting on with your job is the bare minimum a company expects; it makes you an average employee – not the best.

Excelling in your career requires initiative and some creativity. If you’ve played a specific sport, find a way to tie your skills as a sportsperson to the job you’re applying to.

If you regularly organize events in college, use it to show the hiring manager how you’d be a great pick for an events coordinator. You may not have worked as an event coordinator for a company but your experience as an organizer counts.

Don’t forget to tweak your resume for each job you apply to.

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