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7 Tips for A Virtual Hiring Process

7 Tips for A Virtual Hiring Process

You probably thought at some point as a fresh graduate that landing a job couldn't get any harder. Well, with the advent of the pandemic, we think it just did. With every aspect of our lives moving into the virtual realm, the job recruitment process is also virtual now for most companies. 

According to research, the first 20 seconds of interaction with an employer can decide your fate, which means an excellent first impression is everything. This makes the virtual hiring process significantly scarier.

Here are tips to help you survive it.

Take the Process Seriously

When you're not physically meeting your employers, and most of the communication is happening over email, it's easy to slack off.  Make sure it doesn't happen to you. Stay on top of things and take the virtual process as seriously as a regular one. Because who knows how long the pandemic and social distancing restrictions will last. This is the new normal in many ways, and we have to start adapting to it.

Take the Test in A Distraction-Free Zone

If the hiring process involves a test, it'll usually take place before the interview. The test is your chance to show the employers that you're as good as your CV portrays, so you cannot mess this up. Make sure to choose a distraction-free spot in the house. Anything you may need should be close by, such as stationery, calculator, a stopwatch, or anything else to keep track of time and a glass of water. Don't forget to switch off your phone during the test.

Specific Tips for A Successful Virtual Interview

Job interviews can be nerve wracking, especially for positions that you’ve always wanted. With the number of things that could go wrong during a virtual interview, you're bound to feel extremely anxious. Making sure things are in order will help calm down your nerves.

The Perfect Background

Think of this as you inviting the employer over to your house. You wouldn't have them seated in your messy bedroom or your kitchen. Pick a corner that is neat, tidy, and has a neutral background. It could be your home office or the study. And most importantly, make sure no pets or humans wander into your background during the interview.

Test the Equipment

Running off and looking for your headphones in the middle of the interview isn't going to look very professional. Figure out everything you may need and test to see if it all works.

Use the devices you're most comfortable with for a video call and keep everything charged to 100 percent. Make sure you have an internet connection with great speed and keep backups at hand. 

Lighting Is Key

Interviews are all about facial expressions that exude confidence; the interviewer needs to see that confident face. Make sure the lighting is perfect. Make sure there is no light source behind you but plenty in the front—sit in front of a window! Your lighting may just help them remember you from a pool of other candidates with poor lighting.

Dress as You Would for A Regular Interview

Even if you plan on working remotely in your pajamas, later on, make sure you dress properly for the interview. For men, this could mean a dress shirt with a tie and smartly styled hair. For women, this could be a dress or a blouse, and style it with a blazer for a smart finish. Go with the colors that look best on you, keeping in mind that this is a video interview. For instance, something too bright might be too distracting for an employer. 

Make Sure You’re Audible

It's always a good idea to begin an answer by asking the interviewer if you're audible. Earbuds can usually help as well. If you're not perfectly clear and audible, the interviewer will quickly lose interest in your answer.

If you think you’re ready for the virtual hiring process now, head to the best online job search engines like Jobslog. Register and post your resume today and wait for your first call!