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A Guide to Write a Nursing Resume for Fresh Graduates

A Guide to Write a Nursing Resume for Fresh Graduates

If you're a fresh graduate, you're probably already thinking about the next step ahead–securing a job. The current pandemic has changed the dynamics of the corporate sector and the healthcare industry is in constant need of skilled and ambitious front liners. If you’re looking for a job in healthcare, the first thing to do is highlight all your relevant skills, knowledge and experience in a resume. If you're not sure about where to begin, here's a guide to help you write one

Structure it

Structure your resume in a unique and professional manner. You'll find tons of samples online but be sure to follow the pattern and style of a healthcare resume. Essentially, your resume should begin with your name, address and contact number that's center-aligned and right at the top. It's important to add a cellphone number and an email address if one of the two doesn't get through.

After your personal information, you should include a summary or an objective that's about a paragraph long. Following this, you can include your certifications and licenses. Next, move onto education, clinical rotations, work experience, volunteer work and any other skills you acquired during university.

You don't have to worry about your education outweighing the work experience section; even the most skilled nurses started from rock bottom and gradually made their way upwards. 

Ensure Uniformity 

If you're a fresh graduate, we recommend sticking to the one-page rule. Take time to make a list of the essential and value-adding achievements and skills before mentioning them on your resume. Since recruiters will most likely be going over several resumes for the position, you need to keep it short and precise. Stick to standard fonts like Arial, Time New Roman and Calibri. This will make your resume look neat and visually appealing. Once you've chosen a font, make sure to follow it on the entire page. The size shouldn't be smaller than 10 pt or larger than 12 pt. When saving your document, use PDF instead of a word or any other format; this helps prevent your layout from changing when opened on other devices. 

Don't Forget The Details

When adding details about your education, it's important to focus on the essential information since this section will be the highlight of your resume. Mention your school's official name, and then add the campus location, followed by the year of graduation and the full name of the degree. Your grades or GPA are worth mentioning if they’re on the higher side. 

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