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A Recruiter’s Guide to Attracting Qualified Employees

A Recruiter’s Guide to Attracting Qualified Employees

Attracting the right candidates is one of the biggest hurdles faced by that recruiters. According to research conducted by Get App, the biggest recruitment challenge companies face is a shortage of skilled candidates.

The decrease in unemployment rates points to greater job availability for job seekers. As such, it’s employers who are now fighting over employees. In a job market where candidates can pass over any job, for any reason, employers need to work harder to maintain a sizeable applicant pool.

So here are some points that recruiters should keep in mind to attract qualified employees.

Write Clear Job Descriptions

 Writing a detailed and precise job description is integral to find the right candidates for any job position.

You should mention the tasks, responsibilities, requirements, and duties that the position requires in the job description. Additionally, you should include information about your employee value proposition and the company’s culture.

Make sure to include all the details relevant to the position and the company, so only candidates that best fit the job description would apply.

Get to know the candidate

An ideal candidate profile is the only way to find the best candidate for a position.  You should thoroughly analyze the job with the help of the immediate supervisor and colleagues and ask the following questions:

  • What skills would the ideal candidate possess?
  • What characteristics would they show?
  • What would motivate them?

 Judge the potential candidates based on these criteria and you’ll probably find the right person for the job.

Engaging your current employees

Using your current employees is a great way to find what makes you an employer of choice, and why they love working for your organization.

Use this information to create a strong employer brand that markets your organization’s work environment, culture, and the incentives you offer. This will not only make your current employees feel valuable and but will also make finding new talent easier.


Optimize the career page

Optimizing the career section on your organization’s website is essential to finding potential candidates. After learning about an open position in your company, the first thing many job seekers do is visit your website and its career section.

Make your website’s career page attractive and engaging, so candidates don’t leave without applying.

Add fun videos that focus on your current employees and the company’s culture. You can also include employee testimonials and interesting projects your company has managed before or currently manages.

Using professional job posting sites is a great way to attract talented candidates to fill vacant positions in your organization. Create your employer profile today on one of the best online job search engines, Jobs Log.