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Are They Ghosting You? 3 Reasons Why Employers Stop Responding

Are They Ghosting You? 3 Reasons Why Employers Stop Responding

Job seeking is stressful for just about everyone. You have to prepare for interviews, present yourself in the best way, and then hope for the best.

The most frustrating thing for job seekers is getting no response from an employer after an interview. It’s true; most organizations are guilty of ghosting candidates. They don’t inform them if they haven’t qualified for the job, making an applicant feel very demotivated.

There will be times when you feel like the interview went well yet receive no response from the organization. Here are some reasons why employers don’t respond:

They’re still interviewing other candidates

It can be difficult for you to see the big picture when all you’re worried about is landing a job. With millions of job seekers applying for jobs, the interview process can take much longer than you’d think. Most companies take time to finish the interview process. Their Human Resource executives have to spread the interviews over days and weeks, so that other tasks don’t come to a standstill.

Other than that, they might be negotiating with other candidates as well. You may be further down on the list and you just have to wait for them to communicate to you. Once you’ve waited a considerable amount of days, try to contact the company for a follow-up on the status of your application. This way, you can focus your energy on securing a job elsewhere.

The position has been eliminated or parked

There are times in an organization where the recruitment process is brought to a halt because the job is no longer relevant. This can be due to irrelevant funds for a new project, legalities that have made the company dump the project, or because the feasibility report didn’t turn out in their favor.

Other job openings can be put on hold for the time being, especially if the company is going through an organizational change. Once again, following up with a representative of the company can help you gauge what’s really going on.  

They don’t think you’re a good fit for the job

Employers may feel that you’re not a good fit for their organization and hence won’t get back to you. However, that’s nothing to be disheartened about; there are plenty of opportunities in the job market that come up on a daily basis. In fact, you could be more suited to another job vacancy in the same organization. Since your resume is already with them, they will most likely consider you for another job vacancy.

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