Are You Guilty Of Making These Hiring Mistakes?

Are You Guilty Of Making These Hiring Mistakes?

Finding the right candidate for a vacancy is a long-winded task that also comes with a lot of pressure, especially when the hiring manager is calling you repeatedly for an update. But, making a quick decision, without due diligence, may land you with a recruit who is not up for the job.

A wrong hire can prove to be extremely costly; but the good news is that this is avoidable by ensuring that you don’t make these common mistakes.

Not being prepared

Before you go looking for the right candidate, it’s imperative to know precisely what you want out of them. Your first step should be to create an accurate job description (JD) that’ll help you pinpoint candidates.

Sit with the hiring manager and understand what tasks constitute the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks in the position. Also inquire about the technology they will be using on the job and the skill level they are expected to bring with them.

Then, try and understand what kind of personality traits they’ll need to have for the job. With a deeper understanding of what the position requires, it’ll be easier to select the best candidate for the job.

Not leveraging technology

With application tracking software, tracking and shortlisting applicants has never been easier. If you invest in the right technology, you’ll be able to easily sift through thousands of CVs. Minimize manual labor and refocus your efforts elsewhere.

Paying too much attention to grades and background

While there’s no doubt that industry experience and consistent academic records indicate potential, relying on them too heavily may be unwise.

With people who have a long industry background, there is a high likelihood that they will be set in their ways. Their previous success might make them rigid, making it hard for them to adapt to the new company’s culture.

Relying on intuition alone

Intuition and experience combine to make a good manager or leader. Relying on one and ignoring the other can be detrimental to the business.

By relying solely on intuition to make the hiring decision, you could be succumbing to biases, resulting in a wrong decision. Always make sure to find the right balance between your instincts and the facts.

Relying on the interview alone

The interview serves as a great way to evaluate the candidate, but you can’t just rely on one conversation alone. So, once you’ve shortlisted a few applicants, test them with a simulation of routine tasks. This allows you to hire best fit for the job—one who can perform well.


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