Building a Career as a Web Developer: 5 Skills to Master

Building a Career as a Web Developer: 5 Skills to Master

Did you know that web development is ranked as the 8th best job in the tech industry? Along with being a high-paid job, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted an 15% employment growth in this field. If you're looking towards a career in web development, here are some skills you need to master:

Hard Skills


A web developer is expected to be proficient in HTML and CSS. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the most commonly used markup language used by web developers to create a web page on the internet. A markup language uses tags to define elements within a digital document. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used to decide the design, layout and style of how everything is displayed on the screen.  Without these two, there will be no website!


When developing a website with HTML and CSS, a high-level programming language that's used is JS (JavaScript).  If you come across a website that displays updates, involves some interactive content, 3D graphics and imagines, this means that JavaScript was used. HTML and CSS are used to give structure to your web page, and JavaScript adds interactive elements to increase user engagement. 

Image Optimization

Websites tend to have tons of imagines and graphics that vary in size and type. Due to the evolution in digital media equipment, several high-end camera models produce images with 4k resolution. However, what's important to note is that while these pictures might be a visual treat, not all viewers have a 4k monitor and don't require an image of such high resolution. Web developers should know how to reduce the size and resolution of images so that the website loads faster and this helps it rank higher.

Soft Skills


As a web developer, you'll work with several clients, making websites based on their specific requirements. You will have to analyze each minor detail to ensure that it all comes together and creates a functional and aesthetic website. Your analytical skills will help you detect patterns, brainstorm, interpret and integrate data and make important decisions. Proper communication and analysis will make the web development process simpler and help avoid any errors or changes.


Another soft skill that's extremely important for web developers is interpersonal skills. This includes your body language, work ethic, positive attitude, receptiveness to feedback and listening. When a client comes in, they trust you to turn their vision into reality. These interpersonal skills, collectively, will help ensure effective communication. This client will most likely spread the word about your technical skills and customer dealing attitude; boosting your future sales.

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