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Can Your Online Presence Affect Your Employment?

Can Your Online Presence Affect Your Employment?

People on the hunt for jobs are often cautioned against having public social media accounts because it could affect their chances of being shortlisted. Some employers are also known to review candidates’ online presence during the hiring process.

We live in an age where it is quite rare for someone not to be online. We also spend much of our time online, and our online profiles reflect some important things about our personalities. From the employers’ perspective, reviewing your online presence is a convenient way of getting to know you. Here are some critical elements that can affect your employment:

Political Views

Political views can be controversial, and you may get into hot water if your employer disagrees with your opinions. Before applying for a job, remove any political posts from your social media accounts. Your profiles should convey a neutral side. However, this does not mean you can’t express support for social movements you care about online. But it’s best not to make them the highlight of your profile.

Online Photos

If you have posted photos that could portray you negatively, these won’t sit well with employers. To assess the quality of photos, evaluate them from an outsider’s point of view. And as a rule of thumb, keep your online photos private and shared with people you know.

Past Employment

If you’ve mentioned your previous employment details in your online posts and have added negative comments about them, these could also affect your employment chances. Potential employers could see the comments and view them as your shortcoming. It’s unlikely that employers would hire someone who’d bad-mouth them all over social media after the employment has ended.

Employers would be more willing to hire people whose values align with that of the company. Polishing up your online presence does not mean you’re deceiving them; it just means that you wouldn’t want them to misinterpret your online presence with your actual one. Having a neutral and decent presence online pays off in the long run while job hunting.

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