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Career Advice from Your Favorite TV Show Fictional Characters

Career Advice from Your Favorite TV Show Fictional Characters

They say you can’t trust everything you see on TV. But when you begin to read between the (story)lines, this statement doesn’t always hold water.  

You can get career advice from everywhere; that’s why we dug deep and found five pieces of advice from your all-time favorite TV show characters. But before you read on, we’d like to warn you about two things:

  • Spoiler alert!
  • You may feel like watching all the featured shows after reading this blog. So clear your calendar for some binge watching!

The West Wing  



Season 1

When President Bartlet was in his second year of office, he and his advisers were unhappy about their performance. Near the end of an episode, Leo McGarry (who plays the role of Chief of Staff) accuses the President of backing away from interventions that could improve the accomplishments of his administration, because he was fearful of losing the next election.

Overwhelmed with emotions, the President exclaims, “I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I want to speak.” And then his Chief proposes a strategy for the rest of the administration period: “Let Bartlet Be Bartlet.”

The President decided he would no longer let fears dictate his actions; that he would instead do what felt right, whatever the consequences.

Career Advice for Candidates: Be Your True Self

You have to be true to your aspirations, interests, skills, and abilities while looking for a job and picking a career. Choosing a career path because of societal pressure or a high pay-scale will only lead to unhappiness and non-productivity in the long run.




Season 4

While looking for an acting job, Joey gets a job offer to be a guide at the Natural History Museum. His buddy, Ross, a PhD, also happens to work at the museum. Joey is pretty excited about having lunch with Ross. But when he enters the lunchroom, he gets to know that doctors are supposed to sit at a different table, and the same applied to guides and gift shop workers.

Because the lunchroom partition makes Joey uneasy, Ross decides to break the mold and have lunch with his friend on the next day.

Career Advice for Employees: Be Inclusive

Workplace cliques can make things very uncomfortable. They promote a feeling of inequality and affect the work environment negatively in many other ways. According to research, employees who have friends are more like to be happy and productive than those who don’t.  

Keeping the work environment welcoming isn’t just an employer’s job. As a worker, you can play your part by welcoming others on your lunch table—yes, it’s as simple as that.

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