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Career Options Post-Lockdown

Career Options Post-Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on all the employment sectors. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that employment is likely to change for certain job functions. Glassdoor also released a report predicting workplace trends for 2021. Here are some changes that are expected to happen.

Career Options Post-Lockdown

Medicine, healthcare, and technology-related jobs have topped the list of jobs that will thrive post-lockdown but what other careers are expected to thrive?

1. The Education Sector

With closure of schools, there has been a rapid change in the way learning, classes, and examinations are conducted at educational institutes. With the use of technology and other online tools to deliver education, we expect several possible opportunities that can arise in the education sector ranging from teaching to system management to assessment development.

2. Financial Services Sector

Banking and finance will require more hands than ever to deal with the number of issues that have arisen during the pandemic. Some of these issues include strengthening banking systems and digital banking options.

Moreover, economist and analysts will be required to provide insights to governments, banks, and businesses on how to revive the economy.

3. Supply and Demand Sector

The need for efficient supply and demand mechanisms is more important than ever. Many supply and demand processes had to be halted and delayed amidst the pandemic.

Supply and demand sector requires supply chain role managers, planners, and analysists who can chart efficient logistics, warehouse, transport and delivery management mechanisms in a productive manner.


4. In Politics and Government Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how governments have feeble mechanisms in place to combat a pandemic. The future roles for this sector specifically require adequate disaster and crises response, program management, relief and aid distribution, and risk assessment. It also requires advisors from political, societal, financial, and environmental sectors to provide a holistic response.

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