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Here’s Why Your Dream Job Might Not Be the Best Option For you

Here’s Why Your Dream Job Might Not Be the Best Option For you

While it’s important that you at least find your job bearable, most people follow a career path that doesn’t reflect their passion.

Instead, they follow a career path that reflects what they’re good at and what gives them the best salary and benefits package. It’s very rare that one’s passions overlap with a successful career.

Self-help books and career gurus on television have exhausted the phrase “follow your dreams,” but this advice is an oversimplification and not grounded in reality. What nobody tells you is that…

Most people don’t know what their dream job is

Many of us haven’t “found” our passion yet, and that’s completely fine.

The problem is that we’ve been hit over the head repeatedly with the idea that everyone has to have a passion, but that simply isn’t true.

Passions are usually developed over a period of time instead of “found.” And that takes time, hard work, and lots of job searching.

Your passions can fluctuate

Your idea of a dream job now might be different from your idea of a dream job two years ago. That’s because you are the sum total of your experiences, and your experiences define your thoughts. Your dream job is not fixed in place, and neither are your passions. You constantly adapt and change according to the environment you’re in, so it might be in your best interest to go online and find a job that you know you’d be good at.

You have to prioritize your goals

You may simply not have the luxury of working for and landing your dream job. This is especially true if you are providing for dependents, and your decisions affect people beyond just yourself.

Everyone’s experiences will not be the same. If you prioritize a stable, financially rewarding job that you’re good at over following your dream job, that’s okay. You have to be able to take stock of your own life and understand what comes first for you.

Your dream job field is saturated

Popular passions among people include creative jobs like baking, photography, or travel blogging. However, type “food blog” into Google and you’ll find that there are nearly nine and a half billion results. Amidst all this noise, it is highly unlikely that your dream job will give you any monetary returns.

Dream jobs are jobs, too

No matter what job you do, you’re always going to have good days and bad days. Your dream job will be hard work too—passion doesn’t replace the need for hard work. You’re going to hit roadblocks and you’ll have to go through a lot of learning. After all, dream jobs are still jobs.


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