How To Ask For An Old Job Back?

How To Ask For An Old Job Back?

Asking for an old job back is an awkward process and may seem like an unrealistic option. But if you’ve considered the option carefully and have decided that you’d like to have your old job back, after all, there are certain ways you can go about asking for it. The right steps can make this process easier for you and help you successfully get that job.

Is the position still available?

Before asking for your old job back, you should find out if the position is still available. If it isn’t, you should look for other vacancies in the organization. This would give you an edge as you’d be familiar with the organization’s culture and work ethic beforehand. They would not have to spend time training you, which will beneficial for them.

Did you leave the organization on good terms?

An important factor to consider is if you left your old organization on good terms. This entails putting in your notice on time, explaining your reasons for leaving, and ending conflicts on a diplomatic note. This will help your recruiter to be more willing to hear your case and consider the option proactively. The relationship you have with people in the organization is as important as the work you do, so leaving on good terms will ensure people would want you back.

Are you prepared to answer their questions?

There are some questions you can expect the recruiter to ask. They’d like to know why you’ve considered coming back or why you left in the first place. Make a list and prepare for these questions in advance. Don’t give answers which will offend the recruiters or reflect negatively on yourself. Good answers to these questions will revolve around learning curves and growth. Remember to not go overboard with compliments or give highly flattering answers which may seem unreal.


How can you add value to the organization?

An important part of any interview is showing the recruiter the value you could bring to their organization. This is easier if you’ve already worked for the organization and have understood their operational activities in depth. People in the organization may have tunnel-vision and an outsider’s point of view can be useful to them. Demonstrate how you can add value from your other experiences.

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