How To Make Your CV Stand Out In Front Of Employers

How To Make Your CV Stand Out In Front Of Employers

Not all of us have the credentials and qualifications to make an eye-catching resume. Not all of our achievements are worthy of being presented—you might have come out a completely different person after that experience, but it doesn’t belong on your CV if there’s something else that overpowers it.

When Harvard came up with the presumably perfect resume template, the experts at Jobslog realized where that might lead. The perfect template would have had everyone using that same format and employers having to sift through CVs that look alike.

The reason why it’s important to ensure that your CV stands out among the pile is to grab the employer’s attention. Applicants aren’t getting more than 7 seconds of the employer’s attention. If it doesn’t look impressive in the first 7 seconds, it’s going in the bin.

An impressive CV can buy you a few more seconds of the hiring manager’s attention, which can be crucial in helping you make the cut. Drafting a CV that holds the employer’s attention is the first step toward landing you your dream job.

Here are some effective ways to develop an impressive CV:

Start Strong

Your CV serves as your first impression. It needs to appear to be confident, carefully worded and should be able to drive your capabilities in an effective and precise manner. This means that the personal statement at the top of the CV needs to be bold, listing down your skills and how you expect to utilize them tailored to the position you’re applying for.

A good rule of thumb is to aim for 150 words or 5 lines to keep yourself from going off track. Make sure that you relate each of your experiences and skills to the job you’re applying for.

Find Your Unique Selling Point

While we think of as just one of the many candidates, the employers want to see the individuality and uniqueness that you can bring into the company. You have to stand out by narrowing down what’s unique about you and specifying that one special quality you’ll bring to the table.

When employers are looking for new employees, they’re looking forward to an exceptional, talented employee who can help the company in newer ways. They’re looking for someone who can gel in with the existing employees and bring different ideas forward.

Your unique selling point can include the things you’re passionate about, your blog/vlog, your volunteer work or any research project. This tells the employer that you have something more to offer than just a standard set of skills. You can either build your CV around your unique selling point or mention it in the personal statement.


“What do you know about the job?” is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions in a job interview. Sometimes, we fumble because we can’t remember the job description and sometimes, we breeze through it as if we wrote the job description.

The latter answer is going to impress the employer and show them your interest. Whenever you’re sending in your CV, a hiring manager skims through it, looking for skills and qualities that match the job description. Keeping this in mind, there are some keywords that every job description highlights. Incorporating these in your CV will not only help you make the cut but it will also get you through the applicant tracking system easily.

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