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How to Up Your Recruiting Game with Storytelling

How to Up Your Recruiting Game with Storytelling

Human Resources (HR) is a fast-growing field with tons of rewarding opportunities. From performance management, selection, learning, development to succession planning and analytics, HR has the power to influence numerous aspects of the company. However, one of the primary duties of an HR professional is recruitment. You’ll have to go through tons of resumes, interview calls, offer meetings and negotiations to bring value-adding employees to the organization.

When posting a job online, simply listing the title and requirements won’t help you get the cream of the crowd. You’ll have to do more than this to help your company stand out from the pool of competitors. This is where the art of storytelling comes into play.

What is Story Telling?

Stories have been a foundational aspect of our childhood and are now taking over the recruitment game by storm. Sharing stories helps deliver ideas, opinions and knowledge in an engaging and effective manner. Back when technology was still in its developing phase, people worldwide would participate in storytelling to share their daily experiences with friends, family and the community. Although technology has made a significant breakthrough, what hasn’t changed is the power of a good story. For companies, this is a beneficial way to promote their mission and vision to attract employees.

What Should Your Story Include?

Although everyone loves stories, it’s essential to choose the right ones to deliver your message. Formulating a story based on your company’s past achievements and future aspirations can help you garner attention. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Bring in Human Characters

Aspirant candidates will be eager to know about the team they’ll be working with. Use your story to introduce all the important members of the organization and the roles their play. Talk about their professional and personal qualities to help candidates connect with the brand and its people.

  1. Add a Success Event

You need to add the “wow” factor to your brand name to persuade top talent to join your company. A story that elicits emotions will compel them to work not just for the pay but also for a purpose.

  1. Talk About Learning Experience

Fresh graduates who apply for jobs also seek to learn from others around them. Use this point in your story to help candidates understand that the organization aims to teach and help each employee grow.

  1. Final Mission

Delivering your brand's values and mission will build a connection with candidates who share similar goals and values. In short, the key to finding the perfect candidate is by telling irresistible and true stories!

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