Ignoring Company Culture: Setting Yourself Up For Failure

Ignoring Company Culture: Setting Yourself Up For Failure

Company culture is an umbrella term that signifies attitudes and behaviors that are prevalent at a company. They’re evident in how employees interact with each other, how the management leads, the goals they set, and the decisions that are taken.

Organizational culture has a significant impact on a company’s success and its rapport with its clients, partners, employees and customers. Establishing a positive, inclusive culture will give your organization an edge over competitors.

Here are some other benefits:

Establishes identity

Your company’s culture constitutes its identity among internal and external parties. It defines how your company conducts business operations and how employees interact with each other. It also determines how company representatives deal with external stakeholders—customers, clients, shareholders, and the community at large.

Your culture determines how others perceive you as well. It will give applicants insight into whether they want to work with you or not. The same applies to customers, who will gauge whether your company is working for their well-being.  

Establish your core values

Company culture serves as a practical implementation of core values. Customers and employees expect their experience with the company to be in line with your stated values. If there is a discrepancy between the two, there is an urgent need to revamp the culture.

If the company’s core values aren’t upheld, your reputation as a responsible and robust organization is at risk. A reliable company ensures that its culture embodies all of its core values in its day-to-day operations.

Strong employee advocacy

Money and benefits aren’t the only demands employees have from workplaces. They also want an inclusive and collaborative culture that helps them grow and learn. Having a thriving culture that echoes your promises will make employees your number one fans.

These employees will be strong advocates for the company and will serve as brand ambassadors who move your company toward success.

Transforms teams

Company culture allows employees to work together as close-knit teams. With peer support and encouraging colleagues, teams function better and grow collectively. People also realize how they all contribute collectively toward the same goal and must work together for their and the company’s success.

Employee well-being

Exemplary employers focus on their employees’ well-being as well. Having an influential company culture has a positive impact on well-being. Employees realize that they have the support of their colleagues and bosses and can express their concerns and issues openly.


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