Know When It’s Time to Move On: 10 Legitimate Reasons to Quit Your Current Job

Know When It’s Time to Move On: 10 Legitimate Reasons to Quit Your Current Job

Do you feel lethargic as soon as the weekend is over and it's time to head back to work? Is coffee your only friend at the workplace? Is your job too monotonous?

If you answered yes to all of the above, it’s time to cut the cord. But doing so isn’t so easy. Either you’re scared about financial stability, or worry about people asking “why did you leave your job?”

Moreover, your reasons for quitting your current job say volumes about your professional and ethical mindset. They also help your next employer determine whether you’re a good fit or not.

Today, we bring you ten legitimate reasons for cutting ties with your workplace without burning any bridges. Continue reading to learn some clear signs that are telling you to seek new opportunities.

1. Feeling Overqualified

If you feel like you haven’t been challenged for a long time or you need more work to fill up your schedule, it means the job isn’t right for you. It’s a legitimate excuse to seek new opportunities at places where your expertise will be fully put into use.

Pro Advice: This also hints that you can work as a consultant in your industry or talk to your boss regarding career development.

2. Toxic Workplace

One in five American employees leaves their job due to a toxic workplace environment. 26% of Americans say they dread going to work. The high cost of a toxic workplace negatively affects your physical and mental well-being— if you feel the same at your workplace, it's time to leave it.

3. No Career Growth

Everyone wants to achieve lofty goals when it comes to their professional lives. But a poorly managed workplace hinders your growth and career advancement. In such cases, talking to higher management about increments and promotions is recommended—but if it doesn’t work out, you know what to do!

4. Making a Career Shift

Let’s get to some interesting facts:

  • According to a BLS survey, the average person does 12 jobs in their lifetime.
  • The median employee tenure is between 4 to 4.3 years.
  • In the US, pay raises hover around 3%.
  • Staying in the same workplace for too long can cost you a lot in terms of money and job security.

Therefore, it's understandable if you want to leave your current job if you desire career advancement, a transition in your career path, more exciting work, a higher pay, or more recognition & appreciation for your work.

Quick Tips

When walking into your boss's office to hand over your resignation letter or just to discuss your decision with them, you must keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Express your gratitude and appreciate the opportunity you were granted at your current workplace.
  2. Be true to yourself. Don't hesitate to tell your manager about the new offer you received, as they might have connections in the industry and may know about it already.
  3. Don’t beat about the bush and get to the point.

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