Launching Your Brand: 3 Marketing Tools For 2020

Launching Your Brand: 3 Marketing Tools For 2020

Have we reached March already? Boy, 2020 is going by fast! As the days continue to slip out of your hands, it’s about time you begin your research and create integrated marketing strategies for the brand you were planning to launch mid-year.  

To help you with your brand’s promotion, we did our research on the hottest marketing trends that are helping businesses enjoy great revenues. After in-depth discussions with experienced marketing strategists and digital marketing experts, we came up with the 3 most-effective marketing tools to be used in 2020.  

Ahead, we’ve explained what they are and how they helped different brands become successful.

Let Your Content Be the Boss

Content marketing has reached new heights in the recent years. Customers these days want crisp, clear, and personalized information—they have no time to waste on stuff that doesn’t relate to them or cater to their need.

Robin Barendsen, the head of digital marketing at WehaveAnyspace, explains the importance of content marketing for effective in-bound marketing in a 2019 trends report released by the Content Marketing Institute.  According to him, effective marketing relies on educating customers through content that is created after in-depth research of previous studies to come up with potential leads and cultivate healthy and long-term customer relationships.

Your content needs to be informational and relevant so that it can serve as a solution for your customer’s needs.  

Create Appealing Visuals


With the introduction of smart speakers and voice search, the way content was created has changed significantly. However, that doesn’t mean visualization has lost any importance. In fact, research has revealed  that people are more attracted toward visual content as compared to simple text.

Just look at the rise in number of users on image-focused channels! Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many other platforms are becoming more and more giant because of visual engagement. Beside these platforms, companies are more focused on creating appealing infographics, and incorporating attractive videos, images, and even GIFs in their website blogs, guest posts, articles, and other content.  

Understanding this shift in consumer behaviors, Google and some other companies have started working on visual search engine technology. The fact that 62% percent of Millennials prefer visual search over other technologies, makes visual marketing a tool that you just can’t overlook.

Behavioral Segmentation and Personalized Marketing


2020 is no longer a time for cliché promotional material and standardized messages for the entire customer base. Nowadays, you can’t push people to look at your advertisements till the end. According to research, a digital ad is only gazed at for 0.7 seconds on average! If you want your potential customer to absorb the message of your advertisement, you need to customize it according to what he’s looking for. The moment you disengage with your target’s mind, you’re out of the game.  

The effectiveness your personalized marketing will be based on how well you go about the behavioral segmentation. Your brand’s message should rely on your findings from data analysis and understanding of the likes, dislikes, touch-points, attitudes, demographics, lifestyle, and other behavioral factors that may set one customer segment unique from the other.

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