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Must-Haves of a Winning Resume

Must-Haves of a Winning Resume

Six seconds is all you have to create an impression with your resume, says a study that was discussed in Time magazine.

After spending weeks working on your resume, it can be incredibly frustrating to hear that most recruiters spend only a tiny fraction of a minute looking over it before deciding whether or not they want to give you a shot. But if you think about the number of resumes that recruiters have to sort through, it becomes easier to see their side of things.

As an applicant, it’s your responsibility to build a resume that instantly WOWS recruiters:

Here’s a list of must-have elements that your resume needs to make it stand out from the crowd:

1. Statistics

Adding impressive statistics to your resume is an easy way to grab the reader’s attention. Back up your career achievements with statistics to really pack a punch.

Use them to show off how you increased sales, ROI, or market share while at your last job, for instance. Everyone can make claims in a resume, but when you support them with statistics, it gives them credibility; you can’t argue with numbers.

2. Highlight Your Achievements


Most resumes list the job responsibilities a candidate has taken on in the past; while that’s all well and good, it doesn’t help you stand out from the rest.

The purpose of a resume is to convince the reader to call you for an interview, and unless you let them know what makes you an exceptional candidate, they won’t give you a chance.

Hold the reader’s attention by highlighting your achievements for every job you’ve had; show them how you can contribute to their organization.

3. Certifications and Credentials

Including certifications and credentials in your resume is crucial. Although many organizations prioritize experience over degrees, having a solid educational background will only help you.

4. Include Keywords

Job portals don’t just make it easier for recruiters and candidates to connect; they also make it simpler for organizations to scan resumes.

Gone are the days when recruiters would print out resumes and go through them manually. Today, they use advanced Application Tracking Systems that detect keywords. Resumes that are packed with relevant keywords will come out on top.

If you’re not sure what keywords to include, check out the “skills” section of the online profiles of top professionals in your business niche.

5. Mention Soft Skills

One-dimensional employees don’t make great long-term assets. Employers want workers who can grow with the company. So they look for candidates who have leadership, communication, teamwork, and creative skills.

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