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Signs It’s Time To Resign!

Signs It’s Time To Resign!

About a third of workers in the United States have considered quitting their job in just the last three months, according to CNBC. This may come as a shocking statistic, but it shows the level of unhappiness currently in the job market.

With the New Year quickly approaching, more and more people will begin reconsidering their career choice. However, certain jobs just aren’t for you and it’s time to move on. If you’re unsure if whether quitting would be a good decision for you, here are some signs that it’s high time you quit:

Your job brings negative energy into your personal life

Work-life balance is essential when it comes to your job. Your job is part of your life; your life shouldn’t become your job. You need to have enough time to spend with friends and family and doing things you love for relaxation and making life worth living. However, if your life is being negatively impacted by your job, it’s time to consider another opportunity.

Many individuals take the stress from work back home. Not only does it affect their peace of mind, but it also has a negative impact on their personal relationships. If you’re stressed all the time after work, you wouldn’t want to interact with your family or partner.

You’re being careless at your job

Making mistakes once in a while is normal, but constantly making mistakes at work is a sign of something much more serious. This could lead your boss and team members to see you as being inconsistent and they won’t trust you with important tasks. The main reason for such carelessness is disengagement and being non-committal to the job.

If you’re making such mistakes at work, it’s time to address the real problem: the job itself. There are plenty of other opportunities available today. Sign up with a job listing website such as Jobslog to stay up to date about the latest jobs on the market.

The environment is toxic


There’s always a tremendous amount of uncertainty that comes with a new job. You’re not sure what your experience will be like, whether you will like the culture, or be lucky enough to have a good boss. Or as Harvard Business Review phrases it, “Most individuals don’t quit an organization, they quit a boss.”

A toxic work environment makes it very difficult to work; you feel constantly demotivated as you feel trapped in your workplace. If you’re constantly being ridiculed, or your boss is being negative for no apparent reason, or the practices of the organization are suppressive—it’s time to look for other opportunities.

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