Talk it Out—How to Tell Your Manager You’re Overworked

Talk it Out—How to Tell Your Manager You’re Overworked

Every day you wake up in the morning with the determination to do your best at the workplace. You strive to keep up with the pace, get things done on time while keeping your positivity levels high — well that’s at least what you try to do.

Yet, research shows that in America, 94% of workers experience stress at their workplace. 39% said this was due to a heavy workload, and 80% blamed it on ineffective communication.

If you’re sailing in the same boat, discuss what parts of your job are stressing you out. But shoud you go about it?

  1. Assess and Seek Advice

We know that approaching your manager might require courage; this is why it’s best to first speak about this matter with someone you trust. Their valuable opinion can be insightful and help provide a third-person perspective. 

Tell them exactly how you feel and why you’re feeling this way. Assess your work timeline and check whether you’re managing your time correctly. They will help you truly understand whether you’re overworked or if there’s another issue that needs attention.

  1. Questions To Keep In Mind

Now that’s it’s clear that you’re burned out with work. Take a pen and paper and note down the important questions that you need to address. 

  • What’s on top of your priority list? 
  • How is work-related stress keeping you back from working to the best of your abilities? 
  • What aspect of your job is the most stressful? 
  • What have you tried to do to overcome this stress or manage your time more effectively?
  • How does the current work situation add to burnout?
  • Is your personal life stress combining with your work-related stress?

Addressing these questions will help you understand your challenges more effectively, and you’ll be able to have a smooth conversation.

  1. Speaking To Your Manger

The most important thing to talk about is work quality. Every company hires employees that they know will add value to their work culture and operations. Stay calm during the conversation and talk to your manager about how this increasing workload affects the quality you deliver. Be sure not to accuse anyone, but objectively present the facts. Tell him/her that you understand the standard that they expect, so it’s important to help you solve this issue. Emphasize that you’ve tried every channel and way to stay positive and work to your maximum potential, but you’ve only seen a decline in performance or added stress.

Talk about your current monthly deadlines, and it’ll also be great if you show them your time management process. Don’t use the word “you” when trying to solve the issue; using “we” shows that you consider them part of your team and want to work collectively.

 How Can We Help?

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