The 6 Hottest Telecom Jobs in 2020

The 6 Hottest Telecom Jobs in 2020

As businesses continue moving towards digital transformation, the technological landscape has shifted at an unprecedented rate. It has created a lot of job opportunities in the telecom sector. Which means more opportunities for you to strive in this lucrative field. 

This blog talks about 6 hottest telecom jobs this year. 

1. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are critical to the telecommunications business. They develop artificial intelligence machines that can acquire and apply knowledge to different procedures. Their job entails sophisticated programming skills along with a deep understanding of algorithms, and highly complex datasets to ensure effective training of systems. 

2. Network Analyst

As the Internet of Things (IoT) entered the workplace, companies started to invest in their networks heavily. Network analysts must coalesce their tech skills with their knowledge of applying those skills to information on network traffic and deriving essential business insights. 

Network analysts are people who know more than networking and sensors. They’re professionals equipped with an understanding of the implications of artificial intelligence on different business processes. 

3. App Developer

Digital transformation has forced businesses to personalize user experiences and develop smartphone applications to connect with their customers. An app developer's role involves complex coding and an aptitude to identify design needs. 

4. Customer Service Representatives

Customer service constitutes one of the largest job pools in the telecommunications industry. The professionals mainly work in call centers to cater to customer queries. Their job entails informing customers about new and existing services and registering complaints, and liaising with different departments to solve them.

5. Telecom Sales

Telecommunication sales representatives are required to market and sell telecommunication products like cable, internet, phones. This marketing is shaped around B2B and B2C sales. 

People who enter this field go through rigorous training that involves getting familiar with the products and services they’re expected to sell. Learning sales tactics and persuasive communication skills are essential to succeed in this field.

6. Telecommunication Engineers

The expertise of these professionals lies mainly in communication and data services. Their duties, however, range from installing equipment to planning cable routes. Research and development in this field pertains to innovating new equipment and finding new hardware. 

If you’re a telecommunication engineer, many different certifications can help you climb up your career ladder. They include New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA), Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert (JNCIE), and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.

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