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The Power of Body Language At A Job Interview

The Power of Body Language At A Job Interview

Every bit of anxiety that you experience before a job interview is understandable. You’re being judged on your appearance, the way you talk and what you talk about. You’re being scrutinized for your tone, politeness, and body language. What’s there not to get scared about?

But is it a good idea to let that nervousness seep into how you present yourself? The answer is no.

Appearing confident is your priority at any job interview. You might not know the context of the job or might not have memorized the job description, but you need to know yourself and what you’re aiming for career-wise. Your body language plays a huge role in determining whether you’ll make the cut or not.

The following are some styles of body language that determine if you’re a good fit to be a professional or not:

Eye Contact Is The Sign Of Interest And Confidence

Candidates who constantly avert their gaze during the interview appear to be under confident and uncertain about the scenario they’ve been put in. Not maintaining eye contact is a sign that you’re either not paying attention or are not interested in the job.

Ensure that you maintain eye contact throughout the interview to appear open, keen and interested. It’ll also tell your potential employer that you don’t shy away from talking to new people and can maintain your calm under stressful situations.

Maintaining eye contact also does not mean that you keep on staring at the interviewer. Keep your gaze polite, and nod every now and then. Moreover, if it’s an interview panel comprising of 3 to 4 people, you should look at other people, but mostly focus on the person who asked the question.

Sit All The Way Back

An upright position is a sign of confidence and strength. Don’t assume that your posture doesn’t matter during the interview because you’re sitting down. A hunched back looks as bad as a candidate averting their gaze constantly.

Not all of us can sit in an upright position without any support on our backs. A good rule of thumb is to sit all the way back in your chair so that you don’t lean or look like you’re slouching halfway down in your seat.

Our body language is a non-verbal form of communication. Hence, even when you’re getting out the door, make sure that you’re beaming with confidence and positivity.

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