Tips to Survive the Three Dreadful B's (Boredom, Blahs, and Burnouts) At Your Job

Tips to Survive the Three Dreadful B's (Boredom, Blahs, and Burnouts) At Your Job

We all know the joy of getting an offer letter from a job you were eager to join. A whole world of opportunities just opened, so you’re bound to be excited! But what happens when the novelty of the job wears off?

Or maybe the job you’re currently is not how you envisioned it to be a year down the line. Work seems mundane, your colleagues are too nosy, and the work doesn’t spark the joy it used to. Well, here are a few tips to help you with your workplace blues!

Declutter Your Workstation

It has been proven by research that clutter can cause depression and make you less productive. So, perhaps it is time for a Marie Kondo style cleanup!

You can start by clearing out all the mess on your workstation. Put up notes of affirmation, your favorite plant, or even a framed picture of your loved ones to significantly boost your mood. These small reminders that you are more than the job you work at will boost morale and push away the burn out.

Take Those Vacation Days

You might be saving your paid vacation days for something special, but nothing is more special or important than your mental health.

Taking a mental health day every once in a while will help you feel more relaxed and at ease. You can schedule a day out with friends, or dedicate it to a hobby you enjoy. Or you could simply spend it snuggled up in bed. Either way, you’ll be away from work and relaxing like you deserve to!

Pursue Your Dream Job

While occasional boredom at your job is expected, if the feeling lingers and you feel extreme burn out, perhaps it is time for a career change. If you are at a job you love, it will be infinitely easier to get through the slow days.

Perhaps it’s time to search for your ideal job online, so you can get out of this cycle of boredom and unproductivity!

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So, make sure to apply for your dream job where you will always work with a smile on your face!