Top 3 Highest Paying Social Science Careers

Top 3 Highest Paying Social Science Careers

Do you have a thirst for knowledge? Does history, culture, and human behavior fascinate you? Are you critical of the political and economic landscape? Then a degree in social sciences is for you!

A career in humanities would allow you to expand your knowledge and apply it to complex real-world problems. A degree in social sciences often gets a bad rep, with some even going as far as calling it irrelevant. But given the rapidly changing trends, companies want to hire individuals who have a versatile set of knowledge and can critically analyze and solve business problems.

This blog highlights 3 highest paying social sciences jobs.

Political Scientist

You'll thrive as a political scientist if you have an interest in politics. It's the highest paying job in the social sciences and requires grounded theoretical knowledge of political systems, their history, and their modern implications. As contemporary societies revolve around a rapidly changing political landscape, this job can never become obsolete. However, it requires you to be on top of things.

Political scientists conduct research, collect qualitative and quantitative data, and analyze it to form informed and important conclusions and political decisions. Along with this, political scientists forecast trends and evaluate ideologies, policies, and laws.

Most political scientists work with the government and political groups. Academic institutions think tanks and labor organizations also hire political scientists.

They may specialize in international relations, political theory, comparative politics, or American politics to be precise.

Average Salary: $ 102,000


Economists study the circumstances which ascertain how products and services are made and distributed. They evaluate and investigate the economic conditions through surveys and analysis of datasets and spreadsheets. They draw data-driven conclusions and predict trends to help businesses cope with the changes in the economy. Their forecasts are usually statistically presented.

Economists don't just deal with money. They use all kinds of resources. Their specializations include financial economics, industrial economics, labor economics, micro, and macroeconomics, etc.

Many government institutions actively seek qualified economists. As government professionals, they study the economic implications of different policies and laws and gather and analyze data regarding the national economy like employment rates. People who choose to work in private companies have the responsibility to investigate the sale and demand of goods and services and advise business development professionals on how the shifting economic map would influence their business.

Average Salary: $91,000

Organizational Psychologist

Social sciences don't seem like a degree that would be vested in studying an essential business component - organizational psychology. It’s an entire field of psychology dedicated to studying human behavior at the workplace. Organizational psychologists use psychological principles and theories and apply them to drive employee performance and motivations.

Business departments like marketing, HR, administration all use organizational psychology to improve their performance. Workplace issues like employee motivation, improving productivity, consumer behavior, etc. are all solved by an organizational psychologist.

Average Salary: $ 83,580

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