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Top 3 Questions You Need to Prepare for Before an Interview

Top 3 Questions You Need to Prepare for Before an Interview

Job interviews can be incredibly tricky. No two interviews are ever going to be the same, yet ironically, the sense of doom you feel before each is achingly familiar each time. But there are some common questions that almost all employers ask, and preparing for these can really help calm your nerves before you step into the interview room.

Just make sure to answer these questions with confidence, no matter unconfident you actually feel.

Question No 1: Tell Us About Yourself

Now, in all honestly, the interviewer is not that interested in you, they just need to see how confidently you can answer this question and they also may want to see how you perceive yourself.

There is no correct response to this question. But ideally, your answer should be a brief summary of your resume. By sticking to this format, you won't be boring the interviewer with irrelevant details of your personal life. At the same time, you'd be briefing them about your professional achievements, which could eventually help you get the job.

Pro Tip: Work in an anecdote from your professional life in this answer to help them remember you.

Question No 2: Why Do You Wish to Work Here

This question is very job-specific. You need to know the company’s values and the job description to answer this well. If you’re smart about it, you can start building up your answer from the previous question.

Take the employer back to your skills and qualities and link them to the company’s vision and the particular job. Show them what this position means to you and why you’re a good fit for the position.

Pro Tip: My friends work here and have great things to say about the company is not a good answer.

Question 3: Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

You'd have to answer this question with a bit of tact. For instance, say, this is a local company you've applied to, they're great, but they are not an MNC. Maybe you see yourself working in an MNC 5 years later, and there's nothing wrong with ambition. But telling an employer that a few years down the line, you're planning to move on from their company will not get you very far in the recruitment process.

Instead, just tell them 5 years from now, you hope to be experienced and competent at your job. This answer should show your loyalty and your enthusiasm to learn and grow within the company.

Pro Tip: Don't tell the person taking the interview that 5 years from now, you'd like to be in their seat—that's rude, arrogant, and very tacky, and it only works in movies.

If you’re currently in a job search, it’s always a good idea to keep multiple options open by applying for various jobs. It also gives you leverage while negotiating offers and an understanding of the overall job market.


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