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Top Reasons Job Candidates Are Ghosting You

Top Reasons Job Candidates Are Ghosting You

If you have recently dealt with prospective employees ignoring your calls, or not showing up to interviews then it’s possible you have been a victim of a trend that has recently become popular with jobseekers- ghosting.

Studies indicate that more than half of applicants find it reasonable to ghost potential employers. According to the study, some applicants may be ghosting in response to being ghosted by another company. It is frustrating for jobseekers who think they may have interested the company to be suddenly disengaged however, this kind of ghosting disrupts the hiring process.

There are many more deep-seated issues that are at play here:

1. Took Too Long to Get Back to the Candidate

One of the likeliest reasons a jobseeker decided to ghost you is that you made them wait too long before getting back to them. Most people actively searching for jobs apply to more than one place at a time and as a result may find work before you are able to complete the recruitment process.

Thus, it is crucial that you engage capable applicants before they are made offers from competitors; they will have little reason to reply to you when they have already found employment.

2. Simple Miscommunication

As an extension to the previous point, the fact that jobseekers are dealing with multiple applications, leaves room for miscommunication.

While they don’t necessarily mean to ghost a potential employer, they may simply be unable to juggle multiple recruitment processes.

Moreover, lines of communication may be blurred due to the fact a single applicant may also be in contact with numerous representatives from the same firm. This can create room for blunders and may result in the applicants being led to accidentally ghosting a company.


3. Disorganized Recruitment Process

The way the recruitment process is conducted says a lot about how the business runs day to day activities. If the hiring process lacks structure and is haphazard, it may throw off your candidate. Having a predetermined process in place would save time for both parties, as you can brief the potential employee on the hiring process right off the bat.

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