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Turning Your Passion Into A Career: 4 Tips On How To Make A Career Out Of Your Hobby

Turning Your Passion Into A Career: 4 Tips On How To Make A Career Out Of Your Hobby


Choosing a career path to follow is one of life’s most important decisions. The emphasis on this decision is mainly due to the fact that many believe they can’t change their career path later on in life.

Only 13% of the labor force in the United States is passionate about their jobs, according to Deloitte. But how do you choose something you want to do for the rest of your life? The answer is simple, follow your passion and you will never work a day in your life. So, how do you turn a hobby and a passion into a career?

Here are some tips from our experts that will help you make a career out of a hobby:

Teach others

Perfect your hobby and then share your talent with the rest of the world. Begin giving classes to help others learn too. This tip can be applied to a multitude of different hobbies. If you love exercising, get a personal training certification and begin teaching others. Specialize in a particular form of fitness and begin giving classes. You can give classes via Skype or even a local gym or wellness center nearby.

The same goes for teaching music, giving vocal lessons, teaching a foreign language, cooking, etc. You can do all of this in the comfort of your own home by creating your own webinar.

If you’re looking for a full-time teaching career in a particular field, sign up with an online job search engine to keep you updated with the newest jobs in the market.

Begin selling


The cottage industry is once again seeing a boom. Baked goods, meals, specialized cultural food, arts and crafts, etc. sell like hotcakes. There’s also an increase in demand for cottage industry services. Some other thriving businesses include counseling, personal waxing, nail salons, providing house cleaning services, dog keeping, etc.

Get in touch with local businesses and begin providing your services. This way, you get a ready supply of customers too with the help of an already established business.

Keep innovating

Every step of the way in your career should be about innovating. Doing something new regularly will keep your passion alive and you won’t burn out. Whatever your hobby is that you’ve turned into a career, look for new and unique ways to apply it.

Let’s say, you work at a restaurant; you can pitch in ideas to make the restaurant thrive. Suggest setting up pop-up stalls at various locations, introducing a new menu, catering to new diets, etc.  

Make connections

Whether you want to turn your hobby into a business or work as an employee, finding the right opportunity is all about having a strong network. Use social media for marketing your goods and services. Make connections wherever you go, like at events, parties, weddings, etc. You never know when you’ll meet the right person in an unexpected place who can give you the opportunity you’ve been looking for.  

If you’ve not been lucky thus far, the best way to make connections if you’re looking for employment opportunities is to look for job posts online. Online job posting sites are the number one way to make connections that matter and will help you in your career.

Get in touch with Jobslog to stay up to date with the latest job opportunities. Have a look at the companies we cater too or post your resume online.