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What to Do When You Don’t Land the Job

What to Do When You Don’t Land the Job

Getting rejected from a job you’ve applied to is surely disheartening. However, instead of holding a grudge against the recruiters or planning to walk away, you can turn this situation into a fruitful opportunity. Rejection should not be the end of the road for you at the organization you’ve applied to. Here are some things to do next if you don’t land your dream job:

Get Feedback

Asking for feedback from recruiters is one of the most valuable takeaways you can gain from an unsuccessful job pursuit. You can ask for feedback regarding your resume or interview skills. This will help you be better prepared for future interviews and fix any mistakes in your resume that may cost you job roles elsewhere.

Connect with Employer

Not getting the job you wanted can also be turned into a networking opportunity. After you receive the rejection email, write back to the employer. Thank them for granting you the interview, and let them know you’d be interested in future roles for which your profile is qualified. This gains you favor among employers, and they’d be more willing to give people they’re familiar with a chance to interview for new roles. It creates a favorable impression, and you’d be more likely to be remembered after this.

Establish a Relationship

You can turn a rejection into an opportunity to build a relationship with the organization. If the organization is one with which you are genuinely interested in working, keep in contact with them and check for new roles. As most companies post job openings online, you can take a further step and email the HR department directly. Mention the job role you previously applied for and the skills or experience you’ve gained since then. This undoubtedly conveys your enthusiasm to join the organization quite clearly to the recruiters and gives them a more detailed view of your career or learning journey.

A rejection from a job can be turned into a chance to build a relationship with the organization and be remembered by them. Otherwise, there are a number of other opportunities waiting for you. Start by posting your profile on professional job posting sites, such as Jobslog. Our mission is to connect people with job opportunities. Find jobs online by signing up with us and posting your resume to get in touch with hundreds of recruiters.