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  • Oahu, Hawaii, USA
  • Jul 22, 2019
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Job Description

Of all the non-medical services that a caregiver offers, perhaps none is more precious to our loved one than the friendly face and easy-going support that a caregiver provides. He or she is there to hold hands, provide a comforting word, hold a conversation, keep curiosity alive, and lift the spirit. Caregivers can achieve most of that by indulging in joint activities with their clients, such as board games, listening to music, magazine and bible reading, and all the outdoor activities that the care recipient’s health permits, such as trips to church, restaurants, malls, and parks.

A caregiver should be warm, compassionate and easily understood, and they should be able to maintain professional boundaries but still relate to their client’s personality. Furthermore, in their capacity as companions, caregivers should respect their care recipients’ confidentiality, their belongings, and the integrity and sanctity of their home.

One of the biggest responsibilities of a caregiver is to assist the client with personal care. Some of the personal care includes bathing, grooming, and dressing. There is a huge task on the shoulders of caregivers to help clients with these duties.

As a caregiver, part of the personal care responsibilities also includes toileting. Some older people have difficulties with mobility which affects their ease of toileting. They usually need support to balance well and clean themselves after using the toilet.

Others who are still somewhat mobile might need help doing some exercise like jogging in the morning or taking a walk. It is part of the responsibilities of a caregiver to guide them during any form of exercise which is a good thing for their health.

In the rewarding field of Caregiving, there are many duties and even unforeseen tasks to perform on a daily basis. 


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