• Mastercare
  • Kona, HI, USA
  • Oct 14, 2020
Part time Healthcare

Job Description

Essential Duties:

- Visits, treats and cares for Mastercare clients

- Will be accountable for all clinical nursing duties as required by the PCP

- Customer Service - Provide a superior level of service to our customers and clients

- Consistently documents nursing care and activities daily to maintain accurate and compliant medical records

- Accurately administers medications and care as prescribed on the PCP

- Evaluate and monitor client status and make any and all necessary recommendations to the current PCP

- Follow up with any recommendations made to the PCP to ensure all physician changes have been implented

- Consistently assists and maintains a safe work environment

- Implements appropriate age specific interventions to all Mastercare clients as assigned or requested

- Provides safety and care education to clients and their families as needed

- Safely and appropriately intervenes in all emergency situations

- Effectively communicates with clients to ensure they understand the care they are receiving

-Effectively communicates with the other healthcare staff of Mastercare to ensure total continuity of care

- Safely and effectively operates medical equipment necessary to care of clients per individual PCP

- Meet with supervisors to discuss employee any client issues

- Daily, Monthly and Quarterly reports

- Continually serves as point of contract for clients and Service Supervisors

- Serves as a resource and participates in training and orientation of other staff as necessary

- Other duties necessary or required



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