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  • Mastercare
  • Nov 03, 2020
Full time Nurse

Job Description


  • The Service Supervisor coordinates the overall plan of care for clients and orients, develops, and supervises the Caregivers assigned to those Clients. Service Supervisor will perform an initial assessment for each Client. The Service Supervisor will do marketing presentations at various locations. The Service Supervisor is responsible for ongoing monitoring of the services for this Client throughout the duration of the authorization/Client Service Agreement. The Service Supervisor will follow protocol on report writing and completes all reports in a timely manner. Conducts on-site visits and is responsible for supervising and monitoring the service Mastercare is authorized to provide. The Service Supervisor will test the skills of the Caregivers as well as train caregivers.

    Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:

    • Graduated with a Bachelors Degree from an accredited College or University in Social Services or Education, or
    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University in another field with one-year verifiable experience working directly with individuals with disabilities or the elderly; or
    • Staff qualifications from foreign colleges and universities, which are accredited, will be acceptable.
    • Strong training experience and communications skills
    • Must have a good understanding of Medical Terminology
    • Must complete Mastercare’s pre-employment and new hire process
    • Must be able to read, write and speak English proficiently
    • Must possess a high regard for the integrity of the position including attendance.
    • Ability to work with standard office equipment including, computers, phones, printers, faxes
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office
    • Must be physically able to perform the duties of the position including lifting up to 50 lbs. bending, stooping, sitting for long periods of time, and standing to accomplish duties
    • Must have sufficient visual acuity with correction to work effectively with computers and printed material
    • Must have hearing acuity to hear spoken communications while on the phone or in person
    • Must have 5 years of sales and/or marketing experience.

    Essential Duties:

    • Performs marketing presentations
    • Meet with potential clients.
    • Performs Client Intakes and enters all information into the scheduling software
    • Performs initial assessment prior to devising the Care Plan that suits the Client’s needs
    • Prepares and completes all new client paperwork
    • Introduces and orients new caregivers to clients. Ensures that each caregiver is trained in the manner and method of providing service to the client before the caregiver works independently with the client.
    • Completes skills check thoroughly
    • Ensuring that each caregiver is made aware of any and all information from the client’s record that is essential for the caregiver to work effectively and safely with the client.
    • On-site monitoring of services done monthly, quarterly or biannually
    • Assessing the quality of service implementation and activities as specified in the Care Plan including client’s responsiveness and progress toward achieving outcomes.
    • Ensuring that the needs of each client are correctly matched with a caregiver who has received training in the services to be provided to the client. Knowledgeable about the needs and preferences of the client.
    • Ensuring that the place in which the service is delivered is suitable to the activity and able to physically accommodate the client in a safe comfortable manner.
    • Reviews each Care Plan and updates, as needed
    • Completes all On-Site Visit Reports thoroughly and in a timely manner
    • Observes and follows all of Mastercare policies and procedures and is particularly aware of pertinent human resource policies relating to employee supervision, progressive discipline, and grievance and appeals procedures.
    • Participates in the evaluation of assigned employees; provides assessment information; provides regular feedback regarding performance to assigned employees
    • Assist in the training and orientation of new employees.
    • Coordinate and provide in-service training with staff.
    • Attends all meetings such as; case conferences, care resources/seminars
    • Off-hour and weekend staffing, as needed
    • Current Adult CPR for everyone
    • Current First Aid Certification
    • Current TB clearance + must have had a TB 2-step done at some point in their life
    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Ability to read and write in English
    • Ability to see and hear independently
    • Criminal Abstract free from any and all felony convictions and any misdemeanors related to the scope of the position
    • Ability to ambulate within a variety of home situations
    • Cell phone communication
    • Pass all assessment exams with 80 % correct or higher
    • Must have the legal right to work in the US
    • Must possess valid, current driver’s license if willing to drive for clients
    • Driver’s abstract if willing to drive for clients

    Benefits are health insurance, vacation pay, holiday pay, and company paid to park. Salary negotiable.

    Please email to anuka@gomastercare.com resume. I will contact you back ASAP! 

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