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3 Competencies Every Recruiter Looks For

3 Competencies Every Recruiter Looks For

Having the right skills, education and qualifications are extremely important when looking for potential candidates. However, having the right competencies is also equally important to perform the job successfully.

Competencies that most recruiters seek in employees are more or less the same, whether you’re a sales associate, software engineer or a mailroom worker. Here are the highly coveted qualities that every candidate should possess in order to land the job


Ambitious and highly motivated employees want to grow their careers and learn with the company. They prove to be a good investment in the long run and are highly sought after by companies.

During an interview, recruiters judge your ambition based on how well you are prepared and how enthusiastic you seem for the interview. Listing down your achievements, where you were in a leadership position or exceeded goals is also a good way to portray how ambitious you are.


Curiosity shows recruiters that candidates are willing to learn new things. It shows that they have an open mind and the ability to adapt to change easily.

During an interview, you can show your curiosity by asking intelligent questions about the organization’s operations, culture, background, and the role itself. It’s recommended to research the company thoroughly before the interview, so you’re prepared for a broader discussion. This will show the interviewers your commitment and interest in gathering information and coming to solutions.


Humility is an important competency, especially when it comes to teamwork. Organizations value individuals who celebrate success with their team but are also willing to take responsibility for failure and shortcomings.

In interviews, recruiters look for candidates who emphasize on ‘we’ for previous accomplishments instead of ‘I’.

They also judge how you regard your accomplishments, failures and mistakes. Do you describe your accomplishments as a team effort or take the entire credit for yourself? Do you own up to your past mistakes and failures, or blame someone else for them?

Identifying if the potential candidate possesses these core competencies is one of the most crucial parts of recruitment. It ensures that you match perfectly with the job requirement and the company’s culture.

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