3 Reasons To Add Online Courses To Your CV

3 Reasons To Add Online Courses To Your CV

If you're spending your time during the recent COVID-19 outbreak acquiring new skills on the internet, you're doing a fantastic job! Being productive while learning something new amid a pandemic show resilience and persistence on your part.

But are you confused about mentioning these online courses on your resume? A good candidate is someone who sets themselves apart from other job seekers. If listing online courses on your resume, get you a competitive edge, why shouldn't you do it?

Here are the top reasons why adding online courses to your CV is a great idea:

Speaks volume about your interest

People applying for your dream job may have the same qualifications and skill set like yours. And if you're a fresh graduate, you may be competing with your batchmates for the same job. However, a CV that's unique and invites conversation makes for a good interview.

When interviewers notice your online courses' listings, they'll want to know more about your interests. Relevant courses will spark engaging conversations and provide the opportunity to connect with your interviewers.

Add the online courses to your CV to set yourself apart from your peers. Remember, hiring managers love passionate people, and nothing speaks volumes about your interest in a particular field like taking online courses relevant to that area of study.  

Shows determination and clarity of thought

One of the top questions that interviewers like asking is: why do you think you're a good fit for this job? Many applicants struggle with providing a satisfactory answer to this query.

On the other hand, while responding to this inquiry, when you talk about the relevant online courses that you've taken, you can highlight the relevant skillsets that you've acquired. This guides the interview in a favorable direction and retains the employer's interest. It’ll also show your determination to reach goals and your clarity of thought.

Displays personal drive and discipline

As more and more companies look for a diverse list of skills in a person, when you walk in with a CV listing different online courses, you're sure to grab the hiring managers' attention.

Some character traits that employers look for in a potential employee include a strong willingness to learn, personal drive, discipline, and intellectual maturity—taking online courses to highlight all of these virtues in you.

The willingness to go the extra mile will always keep you at the top of your game in the professional world.

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